Exploring Outdoor Art: Unveiling the Marvels Surrounding Moco Museum Amsterdam

Step outside the Moco Museum Amsterdam and go on an artistic journey through the appealing world of outdoor art installations.  

In this article, we invite you to discover the remarkable works of Daniel Arsham, FAKE, and Isaac Cordal. 

Each artist presents a unique perspective that challenges conventions and invites viewers to engage with the urban landscape in new and thought-provoking ways. 

Join us as we explore the importance of outdoor art and why these installations are a must-see for visitors to Moco Museum.

Daniel Arsham – Dynamic Encounters with Decay

Description of Arsham’s “Calcified Room” Mural:

Encounter Arsham’s “Calcified Room” mural, a mesmerizing depiction of a room gradually succumbing to the effects of time and decay. 

Marvel at the intricate details and the artist’s ability to blend realism and abstraction seamlessly. 

Importance: Reflect on the impermanence of existence and the ephemeral nature of human creations, as Arsham’s mural highlights the inevitability of the passage of time.

FAKE – Bold Expressions of Urban Culture

Review of FAKE’s “Moco 2K17” Mural:

Engage with FAKE’s vibrant and energetic “Moco 2K17” mural as it adorns the streets surrounding Moco Museum. 

Appreciate the fusion of street art aesthetics with refined brushwork, embodying the spirit of urban culture.

Importance: Celebrate the power of street art in transforming the mundane into the extraordinary, as FAKE’s mural encapsulates the vibrant energy and creativity that thrive within urban environments.

Isaac Cordal – Provoking Reflection on Societal Issues

Description of Cordal’s “Waiting for Climate Change” Sculptures:

Encounter Cordal’s thought-provoking “Waiting for Climate Change” sculptures depict tiny figures in business attire submerged in water. 

Reflect on the impact of climate change and the urgency for collective action. 

Importance: Contemplate the consequences of environmental neglect and contemplate our responsibility to safeguard the planet, as Cordal’s sculptures serve as a poignant reminder of the fragility of nature.


The outdoor art installations surrounding Moco Museum Amsterdam offer visitors a truly unique and immersive experience. 

From Arsham’s depiction of decay to FAKE’s bold celebration of urban culture and Cordal’s social commentary through sculpture, each piece presents an opportunity for reflection, engagement, and dialogue. 

By bringing art to the streets, these installations challenge conventional ideas of exhibition spaces and break down barriers between art and everyday life. 

Don’t miss the chance to explore the outdoor artworks surrounding Moco Museum Amsterdam. 

Book your Moco Museum Amsterdam ticket now and uncover the wonders of outdoor art.

Having immersed yourself in the dynamic world of Moco Museum Amsterdam Outdoor Art, it’s now time to explore the innovative creations of contemporary artists at Moco Museum.

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