Discover Moco Museum Parking Options, Prices, and Tips

In this article, we’ll provide comprehensive insights into Moco Museum parking options, pricing, and valuable tips to enhance your parking experience.

Moco Museum Parking Facilities

Moco Museum does not possess its dedicated parking lot, but worry not! There are convenient parking solutions nearby. 

The prime choice is the Museumplein Parking garage, situated directly beneath Museum Square, where Moco Museum resides. 

This garage, managed by Q-Park, a reputable European parking company, boasts over 600 parking spaces, making it one of the most extensive facilities in the area. 

It operates 24/7, ensuring you can park at your convenience, day or night. 

Security is a priority, with CCTV cameras and on-site personnel safeguarding parked vehicles. 

Moreover, it caters to environmentally-conscious visitors with multiple EV charging stations.

The Museumplein Parking garage offers two entrances, with the Van Baerlestraat entrance closer to the Moco Museum. 

This ease of access ensures a swift journey from parking to the museum entrance. 

An automated payment system accepts credit and debit cards, eliminating the need for cash transactions. 

And don’t fret about the costs; parking charges at Moco Museum are exceptionally affordable.


Image: Q-park.nl

Now, let’s delve into the pricing details. 

The Museumplein Parking Garage employs hourly rates, capped with a maximum daily rate. 

The hourly rate is €6 per hour, while the maximum daily charge is €48. 

For those planning an entire day at the museum, a 24-hour parking ticket is available for just €35, providing excellent value without worrying about hourly rates.

For those seeking even more budget-friendly parking options, consider the Olympic Stadium Parking garage, a mere 15-minute walk from Moco Museum. 

Also managed by Q-Park, it boasts over 2,500 parking spaces. 

Here, the hourly rate is just €3 per hour, with a maximum daily rate of €36, making it a more economical choice.

Getting There by Public Transport

If public transportation suits your preferences, reaching Moco Museum is a breeze.

Several tram stops, including Tram 2 and 5, are a stone’s throw away from the museum. 

These trams provide convenient connections to major train stations in Amsterdam, ensuring a hassle-free commute to and from the museum without the parking dilemma.

Valuable Tips

Image: Q-park.nl

For those opting to drive to Moco Museum, consider these valuable tips:

Plan Ahead: Thoroughly plan your visit, checking for road closures or construction in the area to avoid unexpected delays.

Arrive Early: During peak tourist seasons, parking spaces can be in high demand. Arriving early ensures you secure a spot and potentially lower rates.

Consider Peak Season Rates: Be mindful that parking fees at Moco Museum may rise during peak seasons.

Use Parking Apps: Utilize parking apps or reservation systems to book your parking spot in advance. Q-Park offers a convenient app for reserving and paying for parking.

In conclusion, while Moco Museum lacks its own parking lot, numerous convenient and secure parking choices exist nearby. 

The Museumplein Parking garage offers proximity, ample spaces, and an automated payment system, while the Olympic Stadium Parking garage presents a more budget-friendly option. 

Alternatively, public transportation via trams provides a stress-free alternative. 

By planning and adhering to these tips, you can seamlessly access one of Amsterdam’s most celebrated museums and immerse yourself in its captivating contemporary and modern art exhibitions. 

Plus, with affordable parking options available, you can explore without budgetary concerns.

Featured Image: Q-park.nl

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